Thursday, August 21, 2008

The smile of Puffin

Saturday 9 August 2008: Mumbai celebrated the publication of A Bear for Felicia (Puffin Imprint) by Jerry Pinto at Crosswords, Kemps Corner.

More than 75 brave hearts battled the heavy rains and flooded streets to make it for the special reading by Pinto Bear himself. The excitement in the air was palpable as the kids waited for Pinto Bear to start reading. A 5ft teddy bear was the special prize for the lucky winner of a prize draw.

As Pinto Bear turned pages after pages, the story was clearly visible in those sparkling eyes of the young ones in the crowd. The patience during the reading was the breather before the real excitement. Pinto Bear answered a few questions about the book, with the best question winning a box of chocolates. The quiz even got the accompanying parents into action.

The kids made a beeline to their beloved reader and exchanged their thoughts on the book. The moment of the evening came when the name of the lucky winner for the teddy bear was announced. The ecstatic feeling of possessing your favorite toy and being announced as a winner is something which can be termed as “pure bliss”.

As one might say, ‘there are some things in life that money can’t buy’.

Varun Chaudhary
Senior Executive Promotions


Prateek N kumar said...

It is great to have characters who will create a collage of imagination in the minds of young readers..In this era of iBOX and iPOD...we have long forgotten the joy of wonderful world of fiction...enid blytons....great job
Keep up the good work

deepti said...

In an era when kids are too smart and packed with gadgets.... it feels better to know that kids still enjoy listening to teddy stories... keep the good work up... All the best.